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Hemorrhoid treatments in NYC


Hemorrhoid Definitions:

  • Grade 1: Internal hemorrhoids that bleed
  • Grade 2: Internal hemorrhoids that bleed, prolapse, spontaneously reduce
  • Grade 3: Internal hemorrhoids that bleed, prolapse, require manual reduction
  • Grade 4: Complicated to explain, essentially chronic prolapse that is not reducible with or without bleeding

Hemorrhoidal Procedures: 

Sclerotherapy- chemical cauterization of the hemorrhoids (very similar to treatment of spider veins)

Rubber Band ligation- for bleeding and shrinking larger hemorrhoids (Grade 2-3 hemorrhoids)

HET - uses heat energy to cauterize hemorrhoids to stop bleeding and decrease the size of hemorrhoids

Suture ligation - A treatment for resistant hemorrhoidal bleeding

Hemorrhoidectomy- surgical treatment of hemorrhoids, can be modified based on need and combined with other procedures to lessen the recovery


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